Our Remanufacturing Process

We have a fully equipped workshop, which has been specifically designed & built for our specialised product. Our exclusive workshop has been developed with our many years of expertise within the industry.


From the moment that a transmission is received it is submitted through a remanufacturing process like no other:


On Arrival- Products are given a unique job number on a job sheet, so that we can record everything that is done specifically to our customers requirements.


Dismantling- All units are dismantled & components are carefully inspected, measured & cleaned with the use of our advanced cleaning machines enabling a thorough clean of components.

Assembly- Our assembly is conducted in an air conditioned & controlled environment enabling us to perform our works efficiently & precise. Our qualified technicians assemble each transmission in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.


During assembly our technicians follow strict testing guidelines to ensure all components are assembled to optimum settings.


Components replaced are stored for each job for up to 3 months, allowing the customer to inspect if required.


Testing -Our technicians utilise our advanced testing equipment, including a highly developed test bench to ensure that each overhauled transmission meets or exceeds original factory specifications. With the capabilities of load testing  the transmission in all gears, you can feel assured that your transmission has undergone a thorough testing procedure.


We also keep a record of the reported test results as part of our quality assurance program.


Shipping- All overhauled transmissions are painted & prepared for dispatch. Customers have the option to arrange collection or we can organise delivery.


We have a diverse transporting network which enables us to deliver throughout Australia. We aim at delivering the required goods promptly & we do everything within our power to ensure we provide a quick delivery in accordance with our customer requirements.